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Outline of Research Project

Advanced improvements of vision, image, speech and language information processing and the application to the technologies for the intelligent instrument and control.

One can take some inputs from environment, process them, and put some outputs to the environment again. A series of these actions may be regarded as a series of integration processes of various information. We can perform many integration processes: the integration of information originated from different sensory organs such as visual and auditory sensations, the integration of interior information that one has in his or her mind and exterior information from environment, the integration of physical pattern signal information and abstract symbolic information, the situation-dependent integration of performing actions and thinking while considering the situations, etc. It can be said that the basis of the intelligent abilities of the human being lies in the capability of information integrations. We must consider advanced improvements of vision,image,voice and language information processing referring such abilities of the human being.

This project aims to develop advanced improvements of vision, image, voice and language information processing technologies, which are directly related to the information processing of visual and auditory sensations of the human being, and the application to the technologies for intelligent instrument and control. This research project consists of three research groups: vision·image information processing group, voice·language information processing group and robot·control information processing group. Based on the research results which will be obtained by each groups, we will develop information integration technologies for intelligent image and language information processing systems. Our main research themes are the following.

· Study on connecting optical information processing with digital image processing and its applications to intelligent technology of optical measurements
· Advancement of optical and image information processings by means of functional light waves and their application to intelligent optical metrology
· The improvement of vocal-tract models for the analysis of the physical acoustic caharacteristics of speech production system, and for the application to the interface of intellectual systems
· Advanced improvements of natural lamguage information processing and the application to
intelligent language information systems
· Spoken dialogue processing based on learnig capability for acquisition of language and knowledge
· Application of image processing technology to cooperative work between man and mobile robot
· Development of algebraic description method and its implementation for input/output specification of multimedia instrument

The research developments of systems which expand the facilities of the human being, systems which substitute for the human being, and systems which interact intellectually with the human being will contribute to the improvements of the processing technologies of multimedia information that inseparably contains image and language information, and will expand new possibilities of communication in the society. The developments of these systems will also contribute to the realization of "soft information processing technologies" that can handle various problems in the real world that are considered to be difficult to solve at present. The improvement of the information processing capability of the autonomous mobile robots will particularly contribute to the promotion of the application in the field of welfare.


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